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60 second setup. Simply connect your Stripe account and you’re done.

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Insight with just two questions

UserCompass makes it easy to see how happy your customers are. We use the proven Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric, asking two simple questions that cut to the core of what your customers really think about your product. Goodbye 10 minute surveys.

Gain actionable feedback that helps you build relationships, reduce churn, increase growth and track customer happiness. The best part is we do all the hard work of collecting the feedback for you. What are you waiting for?

The first 100 responses are on us.

How it works

Simply connect your Stripe account and you’re done. When your customers pay you, we’ll send them a survey if it’s the right time, collect their feedback and display it to you in an easy to understand way.

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Build relationships

It’s easy to get bogged down in funnel conversion percentages, faceless cohorts and MRR graphs. These things are important, but they make it easy to forget what you’re really here for, making your customers lives better.

UserCompass gives you a continual flow of your customers sharing their most valued insights about your product. This enables you to respond in meaningful and relevant ways and build personal relationships that strengthen the tie between you and your customers.

Reduce churn

Right now, a percentage of your customers are frustrated and thinking about cancelling your product. Do you know who? Do you know how many? Is there anything you can do to step in before it’s too late?

UserCompass helps to highlight who is struggling and the specific issues they’re facing with your product. You can then reach out, help them and show them that you’re listening.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a hard earned customer cancelling their subscription and you not knowing why. Don’t stay in the dark any longer.

Increase growth

When you love a product you want to tell everyone about it, and your promoters do too. There’s no better time to encourage referrals than when a customer signals they’d highly recommend your product. Engage with your promoters to give them the tools to share you far and wide.

Word of mouth is the strongest referrer there is. Don’t let your Promoters go to waste.

We've got you covered

Track customer health

UserCompass makes it easy to track the happiness of both individual customers as well as your customer base as a whole.

Actionable feedback

UserCompass brings the whole team’s focus back on what their customers really think by one simple, revolutionary action: asking them.

Prevent survey fatigue

Just two questions, sent no more than once every six months by default. Goodbye 10 minute surveys.

This is really freaking awesome. You are basically automating what I need to be doing so that saves me a ton of time.

Seth Louey, Co-founder BotList

A match made in Heaven <3

Stripe powers over 250,000 websites worldwide, including Facebook, Medium and Slack, whilst over two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies are using NPS to track customer loyalty.

With a setup time of just 60 seconds, we think it’s a match made in Heaven.

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